Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos Inspections PerthSampling & Lab Testing: $ 440

Inspect 360 uses visual inspection methods and where requested sampling of the building materials will be taken for lab analysing by a NATA accredited premises, a written report will be provided which will either confirm or denied the presence of asbestos. Inspect 360 will also identify the condition of the suspected Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) and note whether it represents a safety hazard, major defect or minor defect. Inspect 360 Asbestos Inspections as a minimum will cover:


  • Roof – Corrugated roofing, capping’s
  • eaves
  • cladding
  • Gutters / downpipes
  • Fencing
  • Electrical boards


  • Wet areas – Laundry, Kitchen, Bathrooms
  • Floor coverings – Viny, Carpets

As a general Rule…………….

If you house was built mid 1980’s – You house id likely to contain asbestos

If you house was built mid 1980 – 1990 – You house is likely to contain asbestos

If you house was built after 1990 – Your house is un-likely to contain asbestos

Price $440

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Clearance Inspections: From $ 440

An asbestos clearance inspection is an inspection of an area once the asbestos removal work has been completed by a licensed removal company to verify that the site is safe for normal use. A clearance inspection must include a visual inspection and may include air monitoring.

What is a clearance certificate?
A clearance certificate must be provided in writing by the licensed asbestos assessor or competent person who carries out the clearance inspection following licensed asbestos removal work.

A clearance certificate will only be issued if the following has been satisfied:

  • the asbestos removal area and the area immediately surrounding it are free from visible asbestos contamination
  • if air monitoring was carried out as part of the clearance inspection, the monitoring shows asbestos fibre concentration is below 0.01 fibres/ml.

Who is responsible for ensuring the clearance inspection is carried out?
The person who commissions the licensed asbestos removal work is responsible for ensuring the clearance inspection is carried out by an independent person after the work is completed.

Price $440

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Removal & Project Management: Upon application call for a quote

Asbestos risk assessments

  • Boundary monitoring of airborne fibres / inhalable dust
  • Quality Assurance in line with AS and BCA regulations
  • Project scheduling and Budget Control
  • Progress reports
  • Asbestos clearance certificate / Final handover to incoming trades

Workplace Registers & Management Plans: Upon application call for a quote

If a commercial building was constructed prior to 31 December 1989 and asbestos is present or likely to be present, a building audit and asbestos register is required.

A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure that all asbestos or asbestos containing material at the workplace is identified; the location of the asbestos clearly indicated and recorded in a register and an asbestos management plan provided if asbestos is identified or is likely to be found at the workplace from time to time. This task must be carried out by a competent and suitably trained person such as Occupational Hygienists or Licensed Asbestos Assessors.

The register must be kept up to date and be readily available to all workers, including contractors, at the workplace. This register must be reviewed at least once every five years or earlier if asbestos or ACM has been disturbed/removed/sealed or enclosed, further asbestos or ACM is identified, or if the asbestos management plan for the workplace is reviewed.

Report delivery is within 48 hours from inspection of the property.